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LE CROBAG is guided by a sustainable corporate philosophy, that both promotes and demands the commitment of each team member and franchise partner. It is important for us that each individual feels happy in his or her role, and that everyone is familiar with the core message of our brand so that this is brought to life through their energy at work.

We firmly believe that a team of motivated and well-trained staff and partners are absolutely indispensable for the current and future success of LE CROBAG. We therefore offer our franchise and licence partners, shop managers and general staff the opportunity to develop their professional and personal skills while working for LE CROBAG. In order to teach the content and values in a structure, efficient and appropriate way, we established a LE CROBAG training centre more than two years ago. The academy provides a clear framework for our comprehensive training and development concept.

The classroom courses and training have been specially developed to meet the needs of those who work at LE CROBAG, and we made a special effort to offer development opportunities to people in all positions within the company. As a result, our training covers everything from basic industry knowledge to the specific professional skills required by the managers of LE CROBAG shops. Furthermore, our programme includes seminars for whole teams and future franchise partners. We are particularly pleased that most of the training that takes place is carried out by members from within our ranks. This arrangement means that we are able to combine a high level of professional skills with personal experience of LE CROBAG, retaining a practical approach and collegial atmosphere.

Our personal development programme:

  • • Training course for franchise partners
  • • Individual training for departmental and shop managers
  • • Seminars and training sessions for shop employees
  • • In-shop training programme
  • • Team-building courses
  • • Training for new recruits
  • • Food Assistant Manager qualification (with ICA)