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Hmmm! Oven-fresh and incredibly French!

Does it sound tempting? Well, it is! 

First of all, our croissant and pastry specialities really do come from the heart of France, where they are prepared for us according to traditional French methods of baking. Second, our products are freshly cooked on site around the clock by our staff in LE CROBAG shops around Europe before being finished and filled by hand. 

This special approach is what makes our croissants, viennoiseries and baguettes so irresistible. Created with the passion and exacting standards of an experienced family company, our products leave the factory of our partner, traditional French baker Boulangerie Neuhauser, as deep-frozen rolls of dough before setting off on a journey to around 120 LE CROBAG shops in German, Austria and Poland. Only when they arrive in store does the final stage of production take place, which is what creates the unmistakable, mouth-watering flavour of France. This puts the skills of our employees to the test. They make sure that the delicate pastry dough is ferments slowly and carefully over two-and-a-half hours before it is cooked around the clock, providing the shop with freshly backed goods – just in time – whatever the hour.

Et voilà! The result is the tempting aroma of fine croissants, viennoiserie bread and buns and baguettes. And that is what gives our food its distinctive crunch, an oven-fresh taste experience that transports you to France in the blink of an eye...