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Absolute freshness and top quality, friendly service, and a French way of enjoying life and fine food are the three central pillars that have underpinned the success of LE CROBAG for more than 30 years.

1.Product philosophy

Our quality standards and the freshness of our products are very good – excellent, even. This means that we face some challenges. However, products that taste incomparably good and the satisfaction and well-being of our customers make all of our efforts worthwhile! We therefore take every care to make sure that our original French products are baked to perfection in our LE CROBAG shops with the same passion and exacting standards that can be found in the factory of Neuhauser, our partner in Alsace-Lorraine who prepares goods for us following all the rules of traditional French baking. This means that the delicate dough is given enough time to ferment so that it becomes loose and achieves the perfect volume when baked. Our products enter the oven at just the right time and develop the irresistibly mouth-watering flavour of France. Always fresh, whatever the hour. In order to guarantee our customers that they can enjoy our promise of a great taste at any time of day, we have developed a sustainable freshness concept that ensures every item we sell is always freshly baked or prepared.

2.Service culture

Service is so important to us that we have made it of central significance within our company, and our customer orientation has an influence on everything we do. It follows that a warm, friendly and attentive service is as integral to our corporate philosophy as a high-quality product range and the appetising presentation of food on our counters whenever the shops are open. It is with good reason that we place such high importance on staff training and development. In line with our principle of cooperative management, we promote and demand a high level of commitment from our employees and franchise partners. After all, they play a crucial role in our success as a company.

Our high standards of service are reflected in our clear openness for dialogue and an active approach to complaints handling that directly involves top-level management. The telephone number of our general manager Friederike Stöver, is printed on every package should customers wish to register a complaint, or praise or criticise the company.

3.French lifestyle (l’art de vivre français)

Since we love and cherish France and French bistro culture so much, the French way of enjoying life and fine food forms the background to our business activities.

With ‘LE CROBAG petite France’, we offer gourmets, croissant lovers and people who admire the French joie de vivre somewhere quiet to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – a little oasis of people and time to sit back and enjoy the finer things. It is especially people who are on the move during a busy day or travelling long distances that we invite to sample our version of la belle vie, or the good life. On that note, we will do as they do in France and say, A bientôt and bon appétit!