We train !

So let's get baking!

The LE CROBAG training is all about original French delicacies, outstanding taste experiences, maximum freshness and quality, and our special service promise to the customer. Because we want to delight every customer every day anew with our French charm.

We offer apprenticeships in the following trades:

Our apprentices work in an environment that is as interesting as it is demanding. As an apprentice, you will meet experienced colleagues and lay the professional and personal foundations in a constructive working atmosphere so that someday you will be able to lead a LE CROBAG shop independently. Visits to the system headquarters will also give you interesting insights into the functioning of an international company. Sharing well-founded specialist knowledge is just as important to us as the further development of personal and social skills. This all takes place with our open-minded corporate culture, which focuses on teamwork and mutual appreciation.

An apprenticeship at LE CROBAG is an investment in the future for both sides. We look forward every year to seeing our apprentices pass their final exams and deciding to join the team permanently. We know that well-trained specialists from our own ranks also guarantee the success of our company in the future.Our apprenticeship offers young people with verve, insight, and a lot of heart the chance to lay the foundation for a career in a successful, growing company!

Your benefits

  • Available contact persons: you can contact your trainer at any time and you will also receive a permanent contact person at company headquarters
  • Variety: you will switch between working in shops, at vocational school, and at company headquarters
  • Apprenticeship events: interesting events for apprentices and a chance to attend trade fairs
  • Individual support: possibility of participation in national apprentice competitions, options to accelerate the training, participation in further education offers, assistance with exam preparation
  • Future prospects: we want to hire as many of our apprentices as possible!
  • A wide range of opportunities to take on responsibility and further tasks after graduation

So convincing – your qualifications

  • A high-school leaving certificate (Abitur or a good Realschulabschluss)
  • Numeracy skills
  • A logical mind
  • Good team skills and a healthy ambition
  • Willingness to work shifts, including weekends
  • An open and personable approach in dealing with people
  • An enthusiasm for our friendly approach to customer service

So versatile – your training content

  • Customer service (advice and management))
  • On-site production, product presentation and sales
  • Quality assurance and organisation of processes
  • Staff planning and payroll accounting
  • Evaluation of key performance indicators
  • Inventory management and cost control
  • Marketing and advertising measures
  • The basics of staff management



Training commences on 1st August 2020 in Berlin (Alexanderplatz), Bremen, Cologne and Heidelberg.


Human Resources/Human Resources Development
Hanna Volmer
Jürgen-Töpfer-Straße 46
22763 Hamburg

Please apply in our system headquarters. Send us your curriculum vitae and a copy of your last 3 certificates, Tell us, what you like about this profession and why LE CROBAG appeals to you.

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