Oh là là - c’est chaud!

Try your favourite Ficelle nice and warm – your Le Crobag-Shop will toast it for you in only 60 seconds.

Inspired from French »en cas«, a short, savoury snack in between, we have created the »Ficelle Toast«, a delicate, warm emotional treat for in between. Inside warm and meltingly-smooth and outside incredibly crunchy. Our popular slim baguette-speciality is overwhelmingly délicieux. Our absolute recommendation!

Ficelle toast…come here (state 19.04.2016): Berlin (Alexanderplatz tween deck, Charlottenburg, Friedrichstraße, Greifswalder Straße, Central Station, Neukölln, east station, Ostkreuz Kiosk, Spandau) Bremen (Central Station and Le Crobag City Shop in Pieperstraße) Duisburg Düsseldorf Freiburg Göttingen Hamburg (at station Altona (long-distance trains, and in the basement), S-Bahn Bergedorf, Berliner Tor U-Bahn, Blankenese, Europapassage, Central Station (Easthall and southern footbridge), Landungsbrücken, Sternschanze, Wandsbek as well as in the Le Crobag City Shops at Hafen City, Nikolaikontor and at Alter Wall) Heidelberg (kiosk) A - Innsbruck Karlsruhe Kiel Köln Mainz Mannheim Munich East station Potsdam Saarbrücken A- Salzburg Stuttgart (Central Station: Hall + kiosk at station concourse) A - Vienna Wiesbaden Würzburg

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