Vegan Chocolate-Cherry-Muffin

Attention dear friends of good food and pleasure -

in some of our Le Crobag-Shops we're testing our new vegan Muffin: vegan chocolate-cherry Muffin! ♥

Intensive taste of chocolate with delicious little chocolate pieces and a delicate cherry-filling - a sweet taste WITHOUT ingredients of animal origin! 

Come visit us in our participating shops and try our newest sweet création, and tell us how you like our vegan muffin.

We're looking forward to your gourmet-feedback!

Here you can find our vegan Chocolate-Cherry-Muffin (Status: May 2019): Berlin Station "S Friedrichstraße" (at platform S1) Berlin Central Station Berlin Station "S Köpenick" Berlin Station "Ostkreuz" (at the trains S 41/42) Berlin Station "S Prenzlauer Allee" Berlin Underground Station "U Richard-Wagner-Platz" Berlin Station "S Spandau" Berlin Station "S Steglitz" Berlin Station "S Tempelhof" Darmstadt Central Station Düsseldorf Central Station Freiburg Central Station Hamburg Central Station "Easthall" Hamburg Station "S Holstenstraße" Hannover Central Station Heidelberg Central Station Innsbruck Central Station Karlsruhe Central Station Köln (Cologne) Central Station Mannheim Central Station Münster Central Station Rostock Central Station Saarbrücken Central Station Salzburg Central Station Stuttgart Central Station (in the "Arnulf-Klett-Passage", at the long-distance trains + the tween deck between platform 11 and 12) Bonn in the "Maximilianpassage", Wien West Station

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