Environment will thank you!

We love the french food and way of living. A good coffee is definitely part of  the french "savoir-vivre", hence the Le Crobag-Shops offer a range of (caffeinated) hot drinks, which our guests can order as take away or enjoy in the seating areas of our shops.

With the increasing "Take-away" consumption, also the resources of "To Go"-cups increased.

With our reuse-concept we count on sustainable, environment-friendly en route indulgence. If our customers bring their own reusable-cups* we'll fill those up with the ordered hot drinks, and give a 10 cent discount.

As environment- and resources friendly alternative we'll have a new edition of the Le Crobag-reusable-thermal cup, soon. Here you can find, which shops sell them.

Not only our customers, but also the environment will benefit from it and will be grateful!

*Due to quality and hygiene reasons we can only accept clean reusable-cups to fill hot drinks in it.

The following shops guarantee a 10 cent discount if you bring along reusable cups (State January 2018):

Berlin (Station "Alexanderplatz" (at the underground U2, at platform of underground U8, at the shop on the way to the S-Bahn and in dem Shop at the tween deck), Central Station (also at LE CROBAG - spécilialités), East Station, S-Bahnhof "Charlottenburg", at Station "Friedrichstraße" (in the hall and on platform of S1), S-Bahnhof "Greifswalder Straße", S-Bahnhof "Hardenbergstraße/Zoo", Underground Station "Hellersdorf", Underground Station "Leopoldplatz" (at the underground line U9 and U6), S-Bahnhof "Prenzlauer Allee", Underground Station "Richard-Wagner-Platz", S-Bahnhof "Spandau", S-Bahnhof "Rathaus Steglitz", S-Bahnhof "Tempelhof", S-Bahnhof "Köpenick", S-Bahnhof "Neukölln", S-Bahnhof "Ostkreuz", S-Bahnhof "Schöneweide", at the Station "Südkreuz", S-Bahnhof "Wittenau", S-Bahnhof "Zehlendorf") Bochum Central Station Bremen (Central Station (in the tunnel at platform 9, and in the hall), City Shop in "Pieperstraße") Chemnitz Central Station Darmstadt Central Station Dessau Central Station Dresden (Central Station (Kuppelhall and cross platform), in the station Dresden Neustadt) Duisburg Central Station Düsseldorf Central Station (in the hall, at platform 15/16 and at platform 17/18) Erfurt Central Station Essen Central Station Frankfurt (Central Station (at level A at platform 19, Central Ctation at level B in the shopping area, Central Station cross platform at platform 12), At the station Frankfurt Höchst) Freiburg Central Station Göttingen Central Station Halle Central Station Hamburg (S-Bahnhof "Berliner Tor", Underground station "Berliner Tor", S-Bahnhof "Blankenese", City Shop at "Alter Wall", City Shop in "HafenCity (Coffee Plaza)", City Shop at "Nikolaikontor", Station "Dammtor", Shopping centre "Europa Passage" (Entrance to the underground station from "Bergstraße"), underground station "Farmsen", Central Station (at the underground line U3 at Central Station south, East hall, and Südsteg (southern platforms)), S-Bahnhof "Holstenstraße", Station "Jungfernstieg", S-Bahnhof "Landungsbrücken", underground station "Ohlsdorf", in the station "Sternschanze" (entrance south), in the underground station "Wandsbek", Station "Altona" (long distance trains, basement) Hannover Central Station Heidelberg Central Station Innsbruck Central Station Karlsruhe Central Station Kiel Central Station Köln Central Station Leipzig Central Station Magdeburg Central Station Mainz Central Station Mannheim Central Station München (in the central station and in the east-station) Nürnberg Central Station Potsdam Central Station Rostock Central Station Saarbrücken Central Station Siegburg Central Station Stuttgart Central Station (in the "Arnulf-Klett-Passage" at entrance to underground, near the long-distance trains, and at cross platform between platform 11/12) Wiesbaden Central Station Vienna Central Station Vienna West Station Würzburg Central Station

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