Fresh in love with Ficelle

Freshly in love with Ficelle!

We are freshly in love with our original french product and would love to share this.

Who would like to fall in love with our Ficelle, too, should come to our shops, or visit us during our promotional tour in Germany.

Grab a free bite, which you can get from our mobile promotional team in the Station. We'll also have très amazing prizes to win with our prize wheel. And because you just HAVE to fall in love with our ficelle our Motto is "lucky in cards, and LUCKY in love".

We'll also have a promotion area in each central station, come visit us and we'll send you to the city of love, Paris, and capture this moment with a polaroid-picture for you. So you can fall in love with our french Ficelle, feel like you're in France with all senses, and because of the picture you'll get you'll also keep this pleasurably moment in memory. Just come to our promotion area and find out yourself.

On our Instagram Account you'll find a little glimpse in the Highlights (to watch it make sure to use the instagram app) - come around though and fall in love, it'll be worth it.


Dates 2018: 

21.03. + 22.03.: Stuttgart Central Station 

18.04. + 19.04.: Frankfurt Central Station  

02.05. + 03.05.: Köln (Cologne) Central Station

16.05. + 17.05.: Hannover Central Station 

06.06. + 07. 06.: Dresden Central Station 

Stay tuned on our social media channels for more Information and further Dates. 

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