Small taste - big taste !

Our new Minis don't need to hide!

As a small dessert, for lunch, breakfast or anytime during the day - our small and sweet «petite» delicacies are just big in taste.

Our mini snail with walnut-caramel filling is a nutty-sweet snack. 

For the fruity delights, the mini snail ist also available with a caramelised apple tarte filling. 

Our Cranberrie bow is not only captivating with its taste - it also has a certain optical twist to it. 

On the outside, our Mini Pudding Cream Croissant resembles our «Pain au Chocolat». But if you take a bite, you'll be seduced by a sweet pudding cream filling.  


Our Minis will be available in all participating Shops. Bon appétit!

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