Vegan range

Vegan baguettes on the go!

... Whether in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt or Berlin... Our two tasty vegan baguettes in the varieties “Basil tofu + Tomato” and “Tofu-Curry-Mango” are available in many cities close to you (a current overview is given below). We wish you “Bon Appétit” and look forward to your feedback on our Facebook page!

P.S. in some of our shops you can also get our tasty vegan chocolate-cherry muffin. Here's a list of the shops.


Le Crobag vegan... come to (State: May 2019):

Berlin Central Station "Basil tofu + tomato" freshly made when asked for

Düsseldorf Central Station: “Basil tofu + tomato” + “tofu-curry-mango” freshly made when asked for

Frankfurt/M. (Central Station Pavilion (near Plattform 12)): “basil tofu + tomato” freshly made when asked for

Freiburg Central Station: “basil tofu + tomato”

Hamburg Central Station (East Hall): “basil tofu + tomato”

Hamburg Central Station (South bridge): “basil tofu + tomato”

Hanover Central Station ('Schlemmer'market): “basil tofu + tomato” Not in the counter? - just ask and we'll freshly make it

Heidelberg Central Station: “basil tofu + tomato”

Innsbruck Central Station: "basil tofu + tomato"

Köln (Cologne) Central Station: “basil tofu + tomato” frehsly made when asked for

Mannheim Central Station: “basil tofu + tomato”


These LE CROBAG-shops offer soy milk for your coffe (State 07.04.2017):

Berlin (Central station,Friedrichstraße S-Bahn (S1), Hellersdorf, Ostbahnhof, Tempelhof, Spandau, Greifswalder Street, Steglitz) Bremen (LE CROBAG City Shop in Pieperstraße) Hamburg (S-Bahn Bergedorf as well as the LE CROBAG City Shops at Harbour City, Nikolaikontor and at Alter Wall) Kiel Central Station


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