Fresh fruits!

"Healthy, colourful, quick and easy in your mouth", that's our motto this summer, because all that is combined in our new summer promotional product: Our Fruit-Salad

Sweet pineapple, crispy apple, fruity grape, and refreshing melon play the leading role in our fruit salad. For more than 35 years we attribute high priority to the freshness and high quality of our products and ingredients. Of course, when it comes to our fruit salade, too. Therefore, our shop teams usually cut and prepare the fruit salad in the shops. 

Whoever is on the go and fancies healthy, colourful and refreshing vitamins "to go" should come to one of our participating Le Crobag-Shops and grab our fruit salad. 

The fruit salad is available in all participating Shops from 1st July until 30th September 2019. When you buy the fruit salad you can get a Glacéau smartwater (in Austria Römerquelle) for a special price. 

We wish you "Bon appétit"!


*The offer can not be combined with other offers or discounts, and is only available in the participating Le Crobag-Shops:

Berlin (Station "Alexander Platz", Central Station, East Station, Station "S Charlottenburg", Station "Friedrichstraße", Station "S Zoologischer Garten", Underground Station "U Hellersdorf", Underground Station "U Leopoldplatz", Station "S Prenzlauer Allee", Underground Station "U Richard-Wagner-Platz", Station "S Spandau", Station "S Rathaus Steglitz", Station "S Tempelhof", Station "S Ostkreuz", Station "Südkreuz", Station "S Zehlendorf"), Bochum Central Station, Bonn Central Station, Bremen Central Station, Chemnitz Central Station, Darmstadt Central Station, Dresden Central Station, Dresden Station "Neustadt", Duisburg Central Station, Düsseldorf Central Station, Erfurt Central Station, Essen Central Station, Frankfurt (Central Station (at the station concourse at platform 12), in the Station "Höchst"), Freiburg Central Station, Göttingen Central Station, Hannover Central Station, Hamburg (Station "Altona", Station "Barmbek", Station "Berliner Tor", Station "S Blankenese", Station "Dammtor", Central Station (at the underground line U3), in the Shopping Centre "Europa Passage", City Shop "Alter Wall", City Shop "Nikolaikontor" (Kleiner Burstah), City Shop "Hafencity" (Coffee Plaza), Station "S Holstenstraße", Underground Station "U Ohlsdorf", Station "Sternschanze"), Halle Central Station, Hannover Central Station, Heidelberg Central Station, Innsbruck Central Station, Karlsruhe Central Station, Kiel Central Station, Cologne (Köln) Central Station, Leipzig Central Station, Mannheim Central Station, Munich (München) Central Station, Munich (München) East Station, Münster Central Station, Nürnberg Central Station, Regensburg Central Station, Rosenheim Central Station, Rostock Central Station, Saarbrücken Central Station, Salzburg Central Station, Siegburg Central Station, Stuttgart Central Station (at the long distance trains, at the Station concourse at platform 11/12 Gleis), Vienna (Wien) Central Station, Würzburg Central Station.

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