Growing together is important to us members of the Le Crobag family.

From store manager to franchise partner

Anyone who shows dedication has the potential to develop themselves further with us. Many of our store managers have taken an independent route and now manage their own Le Crobag store as franchise partners.

Become your own boss and our franchise partner:

With soft franchising, we offer our store managers the chance to work independently with their own Le Crobag store. We put our proven successful sales concept, which we continually improve and develop, at their disposal. Our franchise partners focus on managing and organising their stores to attract customers each day and make their own Le Crobag store an economic success.

The advantage:

You don’t need any prior knowledge or special baking qualifications. Anyone who is committed, customer-oriented and enterprising has the opportunity to become their own boss. First, you will get to understand our brand and concept as a store manager and acquire the necessary knowledge for running a Le Crobag store. Anyone interested in taking the step towards independence will receive extensive support from us right from the start and throughout their working life. Franchise partnership means moving in the same direction to guarantee success on both sides! We cultivate long-lasting partnerships with our franchisers; some of whom have been working with us for 20 years. What our franchise partners say about us:


Have we got you interested?

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