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The handling of food requires special hygiene measures which are of utmost important to all of us at Le Crobag. That's why good production and hygiene practices and the HACCP principles have top priority with us. In the Le Crobag shops, in addition to our internal controls, we also have the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS* regularly carry out unannounced hygiene checks.

These SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS checks include:
  • hygiene inspections according to an HACCP/hygiene checklist
  • food samples and evaluation according to the criteria of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (DGHM)
  • taking swabs to check cleaning

The inspections are carried out in accordance with German food-handling regulations (LMHV) and HACCP principles in both the preparation rooms/areas as well as the production and presentation areas of the Le Crobag shops and in the associated storage areas.

Hygiene audit
Surface samples
at each inspection
Food samples
at each inspection

The SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS awards the hygiene check label to companies that put in above-average effort to ensure quality and food safety. Due to the independently confirmed compliance with strict hygiene criteria, we further reinforce our company's high standards for hygiene.


*SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS is a part of the SGS Group, the world leader in testing, verification, and certification.

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