Spring 1981

‘Il était une fois…’ the brand is born

In spring 1981, LE CROBAG opens its first shop in the foyer of the main train station in Hamburg, operating at first under the name ‘Le Croissant’. The founder of the French-inspired business model is Christian Knoop-Troullier, who came up with the concept in collaboration with the traditional French bakery Boulangerie Neuhauser. The original product range consists of six original French viennoiserie specialities: a plain croissant, three sweet varieties (chocolate croissant, marzipan croissant and apple turnover), and two savoury snacks (cheese croissant and cheese and ham croissant). These classics have remained on the menu to this day. However, the choice of products has since grown to around 100 items (the average LE CROBAG shop stocks around 45 specialities). Today, customer favourites include butter croissants and ficelles – a narrow French baguette that is available with special toppings such as rocket and Parmesan.

Spring 1981

Spring 1990

The first shops in the new German states

LE CROBAG-Shop Alexanderplatz 1990
In spring 1990, just half a year after the Berlin wall came down, LE CROBAG opens its first shop on East German soil. Immediately after the new branch opens its doors on Alexanderplatz in the capital, more shops are established in Halle, Gera, Chemnitz and Dresden. Today, there are more than 20 LE CROBAG shops at long-distance railway stations and local transport hubs in East Berlin and the new federal states.


Under a new banner

The acquisition by SA Boulangerie Neuhauser goes hand in hand with a high level of continuity in brand management and an increase in quality standards as regards the product range and shop locations. In terms of scale, LE CROBAG grows by more than 20% in the five years that follow. The success it has in boosting turnover places the SME at position 31 in Germany’s rankings of large companies and systems in the gastronomy industry.


February 2006


LE CROBAG-Shop Wien Hauptbahnhof
The first LE CROBAG shop in Austria opened in February 2006 in Vienna's Südbahnhof (since replaced with the city's new Central Station). Starting with classics such as the butter croissant and hearty baguette specialties as well as customer favourites such as apple pockets and ficelle sandwiches, the products naturally also included all the familiar and popular LE CROBAG products, even if the names might have changed to reflect Austrian tradition. Croissant lovers and gourmets will find LE CROBAG shops today in Vienna's Westbahnhof (opened in December 2010) as well as in Salzburg's main station (opened in June 2012).

March 2006

LE CROBAG is awarded the Food Service Prize

LE CROBAG-Shop Bremen Hauptbahnhof Tunnel Grastapete
Following its successful brand relaunch, the company is awarded with the prestigious Food Service Prize. The jury highlights in particular the professional and intelligent way in which the brand has been rejuvenated, as expressed by the switch to a corporate identity featuring red as the dominant colour and a new shop design. Those deciding the winner also praise the investments made in product quality, freshness and coffee competence. Last but not least, LE CROBAG scores points for its advanced service and staff management offensive, which uses a style of ‘cooperative management’ to both promote and demand the commitment of each team member.

March 2006

Sept. 2006

25 years of LE CROBAG

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, LE CROBAG puts itself in the spotlight and arranges a major party on the Hamburg museum ship Cap San Diego with around 650 shop employees and licence partners. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate: in terms of annual growth in sales (even in existing shops) and a large number of new branches and redevelopments, LE CROBAG has an excellent position on the market. Furthermore, the company is awarded the Food Service Prize for its successful brand relaunch just in time for its 25th birthday

June 2007

LE CROBAG enters the city

In the centre of Bremen, LE CROBAG opens its first city shop – a food and coffee house with a spacious outdoor area. A relaxed atmosphere with the flair of a French bistro on a total of 120 sq m with long, wooden tables and a lounge. Of course, the product range includes the famous and popular French croissants, baguettes, finlandaise and ficelle specialities as well as viennoiserie and pastry varieties. Furthermore, the shop offers fine coffee and tea as well as alcoholic drinks, gratins, quiche, salads and warm bagels (with grilled beef or turkey steak).

June 2007


Award: Hamburg family seal

Familiensiegel Hamburg
This prize is a confirmation from the Hamburg Family Alliance that a company takes special care to promote a healthy work-life balance. According to the jury, the family-friendly policies of the company can be summed up in the implementation of creative and flexible working conditions. In 2010, LE CROBAG was awarded this seal of approval once again.

Sep. 2008

Introduction of the ficelle speciality baguette

Ficelle Serrano Schinken
Slim and graceful, crunchy, light and incredibly delicious: the ficelle. When LE CROBAG introduces this very traditional French speciality baguette in autumn 2008 with various toppings (serrano ham, spicy salami and Leerdammer cheese), it is a runaway success with the customers. In next to no time, the sales figures for this slim French bread go through the roof. Without any fancy frills, but spread ‘just’ with butter and refined, high-quality fillings, oven-fresh ficelles from LE CROBAG win over countless people with their pure, authentic taste. Today, the range also includes a rocket and Parmesan version, Brie, and Leerdammer with boiled ham. Et voilà: an addictive baguette speciality!

Sep. 2008


Thirty years on

In 2011, the 30th anniversary of the company, sales and profit reach a record high for the company. With turnover of around €74 million, LE CROBAG records growth of 8.5%. Existing shops reveal growth of 5.5%. On 30 September 2011, the 30th anniversary is acknowledged by 250 shop managers and franchise partners together with all the employees from the head office. During the day, past and present strategies are analysed, but more than anything, the focus is on honing and refining future success factors. The evening sees an enjoyable celebration.


Soufflet takeover

After 17 years of successful partnership, SA Boulangerie Neuhauser sold its shares in LE CROBAG to the Soufflet Group, an international agribusiness company, already known as an active shareholder and long-standing flour supplier for the chain.



Time for something special

At LE CROBAG, spécialités, like everything else, are just a bit more special, because it's all about the original French, sleek baguette specialty the "ficelle". Customers can enjoy these in an extra-large range of varieties. LE CROBAG also has on offer a large selection of fresh salads and desserts that guarantee moments of pleasure even in the midst of a stressful day. The successful launch of the pop-up shop at Berlin's central station shows that commuters quickly embrace the opportunity for even more special pleasures.


Catering Online Shop

Starting in early 2018, connoisseurs were now able to order LE CROBAG's original French baguette and croissant specialties conveniently and easily online. www.lecrobag-catering.de The delivery area currently covers Bremen and Hamburg. "Bon appétit!"



New partner

Italian company Autogrill S.p.A. acquired all shares of LE CROBAG GmbH & Co. KG in March 2018. This experienced partner from the food and beverage industry continues to expand the LE CROBAG brand.

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