We firmly believe in a fair, appreciative and cooperative style of management that encourages each individual – and the entire team – to create a positive working environment that is based on mutual respect. We have therefore developed a set of management principles that stem from our corporate values. They are the key to successful collaboration and play a major part in establishing a management culture that builds on the potential of individual team members and business partners. However, our values first and foremost form the basis of our behaviour – each and every one of us.

Fairness and respect. Passion and commitment. Transparency and openness. These values characterise the nature of the teamwork and leadership style at Le Crobag. Everything stems from a principle of cooperative management. This means that we approach our work as a team and face the challenges we meet with strength in numbers. Each employee contributes to the success of Le Crobag in his or her area of responsibility, playing an active role in shaping the future of our company.

We manage with targets

We help employees to identify with our brands

We take a positive and proactive approach to resolving conflict


We challenge our employees and foster their growth


We are fair


We communicate openly with each other


We monitor our results

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