Finlandaise veggie

Et voilà, enjoy our »Finlandaise veggie« with us!

Tastes good for breakfast, lunch, after your work-out, before your exam, and in between anyway! Our »Finlandaise veggie« contains energy boosting avocado, aromatic feta cheese and crispy salad. Good that all these healthy ingredients come together on our powerful French grains-speciality Finlandaise. Our popular Sicilian sauce and a dash of ground black pepper complete our »Finlandaise veggie«.

From March 1st until May 31st 2016 all participating Shops have the motto: »j’ ♥ veggie«. We are in lovely with this healthy powersnack and are looking forward to start into spring with so many vitamins!

So to say: Bonjour printemps!

Pssst! On our Facebook page and Instagram-feed we have a lovely lottery around our »Finlandaise veggie« - Jaimmmh!


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