What's NUT to be NUT to be !

When it's cold outside and turning winter, you'll get those sweet cravings and just want to be warm and cozy from the inside. Perfect timing for our winterduo. ;-)

This winter, we'll have our crunchy Pecan Turnover and our aromatic middle-sized coffee, from our own Le Crobag roast, on offer.

Our danish pastry filled with maple syrup has got pecan nuts on top of it and is perfect for those sweet tooth cravings during winter time - anytime basically. :D

In order to wake you up throughout the dark and chilly days, our strong aromatic coffee, from our own Le Crobag roast, is the perfect "to go with", in this duo.

Even our cups and packaging is preparing for the the cold season. In frosty-fresh blue and winter-design we'll welcome the cold times with a warm "Bonjour Winter!".

We're fully prepred for winter to come!

Our winterduo with our Pecan turnover and the middle-sized Le Crobag filtercoffee will be on offer and available from 1st November 2018 until 31st January 2019 in all participating shops.


Come here to try our winterduo:

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