LE CROBAG Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (Osthalle) erstrahlt in neuem Glanz

Le Crobag appears in a new look in the East Hall of Hamburg Central Station: with the rebuild the shop became more digital, modern and innovative. This has been achieved e. g. by switching from analoge menuboards to digital screens on which one can get a cohesive overview of the diverse assortment through modern animations and product images. The red counter - which has long been a trademark - underlines the new look. The freshly prepared snacks such as the famous ficelle, classic baguettes and French croissants are still the centerpiece of the concept. Beyond that one will find a divers grab & go assortment consisting of fresh leaf salads, oriental cous-cous salads and sweet desserts which are all produced on site. Filter coffee and various coffee specialites round off the offer and will be available for you 24/7.

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